April, 21-22, 2018
John F. Kennedy Civic Arena
500 W. Embargo St.
Rome, NY


Bracket 1:
Cape Fear Roller Derby – #117
Muddy River Rollers – #123
Providence Roller Derby – #97
Toronto Roller Derby – #92

Bracket 2:
Central New York Roller Derby – #188
Hellions of Troy Roller Derby – #206
River City Roller Derby – #202
Twin State Roller Derby – #161


Saturday April 21
9am – Twin State vs Hellions of Troy
11am – Central New York vs River City
1pm – Providence vs Cape Fear
3pm – Toronto vs Muddy River
5pm – Hellions of Troy vs River City
7pm – Twin State vs Central New York

Sunday April 22
9am – Providence vs Muddy River
11am – Toronto vs Cape Fear
1pm – Twin State vs River City
3pm – Hellions of Troy vs Central New York
5pm – Muddy River vs Cape Fear
7pm – Providence vs Toronto
8:30ish – Awards Ceremony

Siege Officials:

Co-Tournament Head Refs: EmPower (Gotham Girls Roller Derby) and Dread Hochuli (Roc City Roller Derby/Boston Roller Derby)
Tournament Head NSO: Strong Female Character (Gotham Girls Roller Derby)
Apprentice Tournament Head NSO: Julius Freezer (Long Island Roller Rebels)
Games Tournament Oversight: Bettie Mercury (Independent) and Fantasmic (Long Island Roller Rebels)

BIPR Lazy Ace* Headless Horsman* Intejill
FIPR Wernher Shebra Reverend Riot*
JR Axis of Stevil Major Buzzkill Kilt Trip
JR Dirk Shearer RIP Wreckordian
OPR Fury Duty Metsmerized Organic Panic
OPR Ria Culpa Admiral Mayhem Queen Kicktoria
OPR Mea Culprit WifeOpathic Signals Tessa Rack
OPR General Hellativity

*Crew Head Ref

HNSO Chuckie D Mistress Grim
PLT1 Toxic Marcotic Rule Book Her
PLT2 Rabid Derby Fan Sod Off
JT Ruh Roh Yours TruLeigh
SK1 Pamda Bear Veronica Scars
SK2 Coconutz Chanel Fatal Exception
SBO W.E.B. Du Stroys Ian Fluenza
PBM Chuckie D Mistress Grim
PBT Mama Menace Dairy Heir
PBT Babelfishy Mighty Chondrion
Attention Deficit Destroyer


Tournament Head Announcer: Eloda Sarcasm (DC Rollergirls)

Blind Rage
Bridget Goodwin
Crimson Al-Khemia
El Rojo
Giraffic Jam
Gretchen Little
Joe Salzone
Kate Silver
Piss N Ginger
Professor Lou Botomy


808 Rollerskate
Click Heaters
D’Vine Serenity Wellness (massage therapy)
Fiber Family Crafts 
The Grapevine Food Truck
The Melt Food Truck
Morgan’s Mystic Impressions
The Purple Pirate
Silly Sock Drawer
Stevens-Swan Humane Society
Sugared Skulls Hair Products (Sunday only)