Announcement coming soon about our next Rookie class for Summer 2022. Contact us via the form you are interested or have questions. New skater training takes place on Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m. at Skate-A-While Longer, 220 Ridge St., Rome, NY

Interested in learning to be a skating official or non skating official?  We accept new officials year round! Contact us via the form if you are interested.

Are you interested in
Roller Derby?

What is roller derby?

Roller derby is a sport predominately played on a flat track. There are five players on the track from each team. One player wears a star cover on her helmet and is designated as the jammer. The jammer is the point scorer and must get through the rest of the players, called the pack. As she continues, she receives one point for every player on the opposing team that she laps. There are two 30 minute periods that are broken up into up to two minute sections, called jams. The first jammer that passes everyone in the pack legally and inbounds receives the title of lead jammer. This means she may strategically call off the jam prior to two minutes elapsing.

Visit here for basics and here for more in depth information

What gear is needed to play roller derby?

Elbow Pads
Wrist Guards
Knee Pads
Quad Roller Skates
Hip Pads (optional)
Shin Guards (optional)
Face Shield (optional)

Where can I buy gear?

There are many places you can go to buy your gear. Some have found pads locally at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Play It Again Sports. You can also travel to Black Mamba Skates in Syracuse at ShoppingTown Mall which is specialized in roller derby gear and has a skate rink. You can also order your gear online. The most popular places are Five Stride Skate Shop, Bruised Boutique Skate Shop, Wicked Skatewear, and 808 Rollerskate (and many, many more). CNYRD can provide all gear to rent for a small fee other than a mouthguard. Many of our skaters really like the SISU brand mouthguards, but less expensive varieties can be found at any sporting goods store. You can also get a custom one from your dentist. Popular brands for pads include: 187, Smith Scabs, Triple 8. Popular brands of skates are: Riedell, Antik, Bont, Mota. Don’t be afraid to try on other skaters’ pads in order to figure out what size and type works for you. It is not required, but is highly encouraged that you purchase a skateboarding helmet that is dual certified (CPSC and ASTM; Triple 8 and S-One make these type) or a hockey helmet. Elbow and knee pads need to have a hard shell.

Other items needed: tools to adjust your skates, gear bag, wheels, bearings, skate parts (toe stops, nuts, cushions/bushings)

This website has a good guide to gear: click here

What should I wear to practice?

Wear comfortable athletic clothes. It is sometimes cold in our winter practice space so dress in layers. The majority of our skaters wear leggings, capris, or shorts with a t-shirt or tank top.

What are the member requirements?

Members need to be at least 18 years old. Secondary medical insurance is required and costs approximately $75 per year. You must purchase your own gear and uniforms. You need to attend practices regularly.

Where do we practice and play games?

We practice in Rome N.Y., at Skate-A-While Longer. Our home games are played at various off-site locations. Both teams do travel. The CNY Nightmares, as our charter team, have the potential to travel longer distances.

When will I be ready to play in games?

It typically takes six months – one year of training before the average skater is ready to play in a game. Skaters will be assessed by the coaching staff regularly.

What if I can’t or don’t want to play in games?

Skaters, volunteers, and skating officials are welcome to continue to attend practices even if this is the case. There will be opportunities to scrimmage or or officiate within our league, and also with other leagues, throughout the year that are low stress and fun. We also have many opportunities for anyone to be trained and help as a non-skating official.